3 Reasons Volleyball Players Should Lift Weights

Like just about any athlete in any other sport, a certain amount of muscle is needed to perform the various moves with great strength and success. Each sport is specific to the types of options that are needed, and volleyball is one of them.

When it comes to being successful on the volleyball court, athletes need to be able to jump high, dart quickly, and hit with force. That means that strong quads, flexible hamstrings, and powerful gluteals are crucial. This goes for both male and female athletes. Volleyball is a tough and demanding sport, requiring speed, agility, and explosiveness. And the place to develop such traits is in the weight room.

Weight lifting is beneficial for just about every sport, but especially for volleyball athletes. Lifting weights is an absolutely critical part of volleyball training. It helps athletes develop the skills necessary for success on the court. From out-jumps, to out-cuts, to out-sprinting opponents, weight lifting is important.

Here are 3 solid reasons why volleyball athletes should spend a good chunk of time resistance training.

1. Developing Strength and Power

This might sound obvious, but strength and power can only become a reality after a certain amount of muscle has been built up. Lifting weights helps to develop this muscle mass by stimulating the tiny muscle fibres that make up the muscles. These fibres grow in size with each weight lifting session, producing more strength and power.

Squats are one such exercise that volleyball athletes should practice. The push phase of weight lifting develops strong and powerful hip extension strength along with upper back and shoulder power. This exercise is a basic for all athletes, including volleyball players, as it helps to strengthen just about every major muscle group of the body.

The squat works the muscles involved in powerful jumping and landing, while strengthening the back, shoulders and arms to execute powerful spikes during game play. By training the body from every angle, volleyball athletes can develop the agility necessary for effective and safe movement on the court.

2. Prevent Injury

Without well trained muscles, injury is as good as imminent. Lifting weights can help to prevent injury. Considering all the jumping, landing, planting, and cutting, the body certainly goes through a lot.

Each time you jump, the force of landing travels through the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. Studies have repeatedly shown that the best way to prevent injury is through weight training. Strong muscles are better capable of absorbing the shock of landing compared to weak muscles.

3. Enhance Team Culture

While not as obvious of a benefit compared to the first two, weight training is a great way to develop a healthy and positive team culture. Volleyball is a team sport, so why not train as a team? The gym is the perfect place to start practicing hard work as a group.

Not only are athletes united in their aim to complete their workout, they are also engaging in an encouraging team environment. Helping teammates complete their lift, or cheering them on as they finish their last rep is a great team-building exercise. When players can trust and rely on their teammates, it creates a positive space for each other.

Don’t overlook the importance of weight lightning in conjunction to skill-specific exercises. It could mean the difference between a good volleyball career, and a great one!