3 Things Volleyball Players Need to Get Recruited in the Sport

Calling all competitive volleyball players! If your dream is to be a part of your varsity volleyball team or a member of a prestigious volleyball club, you need to step things up a bit in order to be recruited. Volleyball is considered to be among the most popular sports for young athletes.

Just like many other sports, volleyball requires a certain level of dedication, passion, and skill. In fact, skill development in the early stages of learning the sport is crucial as players begin to specialize in their specific position. Coaches are looking for players who are effective in their role and can contribute to the overall play and strategy of the team.

Here are 3 things that all volleyball athletes should have in order to earn a spot on their college or volleyball club team:

1. Dedication
One of the biggest contributing factors to becoming a competitive volleyball athlete that teams actively seek out is dedication. Without a firm commitment to the sport, becoming a competitive athlete is nearly possible. This includes a dedication to physical fitness, skill development, and adhering to training schedules. It also requires a commitment to the needs of the team. After all, volleyball is a team sport, and without a dedication to each of its members, things can fall apart on the court.

2. Development
Coaches are giving varsity volleyball scholarships to athletes who have participated in higher levels of competition throughout the years. Young volleyball athletes will probably have to rely on travel and club teams to ramp up their development, since most high school levels of play don’t hone in on this level of development. Club tournaments offer a higher level of training and development that’s comparable to college volleyball. Therefore, the more experience you have in these channels, the better your chances of being successful in the sport.

3. Experience
The only way to gain experience is to play volleyball as much as possible. This means exposing yourself to various opportunities to play on various teams and tournaments. It’s important to play with a club that has the coaches and staff who will teach you all there is to know about the sport, including how to be competitive and successful in it.

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