4 Best Exercises For Volleyball Training

Improving on the game of volleyball requires both physical fitness, as well as a certain skill related specifically to this sport. While there are plenty of exercises you can do to get into shape and boost your skill set, these 4 exercises are both aimed at improving fitness levels and specific volleyball skills.

Ladder Drills
This drill is perfect to help players improve their overall level of speed and agility on the court, and it works for players of all skill and fitness levels. To perform ladder drills, place a rope ladder along the ground, and get the players to perform a series of sets of runs in and out of the ladder. Players will be able to perform all sorts of drills in forward, backward and sideways motions, and can really focus on specific skills that they’re trying to improve on, such as setting, digging and hitting.

Frog Jumps
Frog jumps are an amazing way to develop strength and power in the lower body. It’s the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles that are key to driving the body upwards and forwards, and frog jumps help to improve such explosive power required on the volleyball court. To perform this exercise, start on a wide squat position, similar to a frog stance. Use the legs to propel the body up and out, and land in a fluid motion so as to not slam on the joints. Players can also do this exercise backwards.

Setter Rainbows
One of the most critical component to a successful volleyball game is the setter’s setting skills. As such, setter rainbows can help improve on this skill. To perform this exercise, players select three points on a wall, from low, to mid-point, to high. The player targets each of these spots on the wall and sets the ball to hit them. Players can start off by catching the ball after each spot is hit, then move onto setting in a continuous motion as they get more comfortable with the drill.

21 Touches
The players in the back row will definitely benefit from this drill, in which they aim to get 21 touches with a minimum amount of tosses. One player will throw the ball to an open area of the court, after which the other player will run to the ball to return it. The first player will continue to toss balls as the other player retrieves them in order to keep the player constantly moving and refining his or her agility. After 21 touches, the next player takes over.

As with any other sport, exercise is important. But sport-specific exercise needs to be incorporated into practice in order to both enhance the fitness level of players, as well as improve their volleyball skills. To improve your volleyball game, visit venomvolleyball.ca today!