4 Reasons Boys and Girls Should Play Volleyball

Everyone knows that regular physical exercise is good for a person’s overall well being, including their mind, body and spirit. Participating in social events is also important for developing the skills necessary to get along in sociable settings.

That’s why playing sports can be a fabulous way to not only get the endorphins going for the mind, but also to get the muscles as active as possible in a fun and exciting way.

Volleyball in particular is an excellent sport to get involved in, for a variety of reasons. This sport offers some extra benefits for boys and girls in addition to having fun and getting into tip-top physical condition.

Here are just a few:

1. Kids who play sports do better academically in school. Some people might be under the false impression that playing sports will interfere with study time. And while that may be true in extreme cases, the fact of the matter is, playing a sport can actually help students do better in school.

In actual fact, studies have shown that boys and girls who play sports like volleyball do better academically, and are even more likely to graduate from school compared to those who don’t. The exercise that’s included in sports helps to improve learning, memory, and concentration, which gives active kids a competitive advantage when it comes the classroom setting.

2. Kids who play sports learn the value of teamwork and goal-setting skills. By working closely with coaches and teammates to win volleyball games, young athletes get a lot of valuable practice for success when they become full-fledged adults. Being part of a team can make it easier for athletes to work together with others and solve issues, no matter if these scenarios take place on the court or in the workforce.

3. Sports have plenty of lesser-known health benefits. Certain benefits of volleyball are obvious — such improving physical fitness and keeping a healthy weight. But kids who play sports on a regular basis are also less likely to smoke, and have a lower chance of developing cancer and other diseases later in life.

Of course, these benefits can be had from any just about type of exercise, but if you have trouble finding yourself in a gym, you may have much more incentive to play a sport like volleyball if you know that you are being depended on by your coaches and teammates.

4. Playing sports develops a person’s self-confidence. Kids who are involved in athletics end up feeling better about themselves, both physically and emotionally. Playing sports helps to develop the confidence needed to sustain a person throughout life, especially when they see their skills improving on a regular basis.

At Venom Volleyball, we make it our mission to not only develop a team of confident and skilled athletes, but we also aim to ensure that all our participants are always happy, healthy, and having a great time.