Why volleyball — not basketball — is winning the popular vote By Vicki L. Friedman | Feb 15, 2017 Special to espnW

Basketball figured to be the game for Micaya White. Her dad, Randy White, played in the NBA. Her brother, R.J., is the starting center for UNC Greensboro. Micaya joined her first team when she was 6.

“Everybody assumed I was going to play too,” the 6-foot-1 […]

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Venom’s Inaugural Season

With a lot of excitement and buzz about York Region’s newest Volleyball Club going into the 2015-2016 season; the club directors, staff, and coaches were very eager to start the first year with a bang!

Starting off the season with tryouts, we saw a staggering 300+ […]

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5 Tips to Helping Your Kids Juggle School and Volleyball

Juggling sports like volleyball and schoolwork can be a challenge for many young athletes. But it’s definitely possible to keep the kids winners both on the court and in school. Here’s how.

Set a Schedule

Make sure that a schedule is set up for academics. Be realistic […]

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What to Re-Evaluate During the College Volleyball Recruiting Process

When fall comes around, it can be a trying time for volleyball athletes and their families to effectively manage the college recruiting process. With summer now over, high school is back in action, and the volleyball club recruiting scene might seem like it’s so far […]

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4 Main Differences Between Beach and Indoor Court Volleyball

Summer isn’t over yet! So there’s still some time left to enjoy a little volleyball on an alternative surface to switch things up a little. If volleyball is your game of choice, you might want to try beach volleyball while still enjoying the beloved sport […]

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