Pavel Guarisma

Venom Parent Advisory Committee (VPAC) Representative to Venom Volleyball Club

Venom Volleyball Club is proud to announce Pavel Guarisma as its inaugural Venom Parent Advisory Committee (VPAC) representative.

Pavel Guarisma is a volunteer who has contributed his time in order to ensure that VENOM has a firm foundation when it comes to the club-parent relationship. He is currently an I.T. Manager and Project Manager who has lived in Venezuela, Mexico, the U.S. and now in Canada with over 25 years of experience kicking off complex endeavours. He has also served as a community volunteer at the Canadian Forces Base in Kingston, Ontario with their local gymnastics team.

Pavel has helped craft the initial VPAC description document as well as spent considerable time with Venom executives exchanging ideas and points of view about how to ensure that from a parents perspective we make Venom the very best Volleyball Club it can be!

This position was created to provide the parents of our athletes a direct and open line of communication to the club. Each rep team will select one parent member to represent the teams voice in VPAC. This ensures an orderly flow of information as well as addressing any concerns in real time the parents may have.

We at Venom are committed to excellence and will always strive to deliver world class service!

For more information you can reach Pavel at [email protected]