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About the Rep Program

Venom Volleyball Club offers a competitive rep program for athletes who want to take their passion for volleyball to the next level. The competitive rep program allows athletes to develop crucial skills such as, time management, leadership, teamwork, and organization. Allowing them not only to excel in the sport but also their extracurricular endeavours.

House League Vs. Rep Program

Our Venom House League program offers athletes the ability to engage in a sport which they enjoy and develop basic skills and knowledge to play the sport. The house league program allows athletes to fulfill their weekly recommended exercise activity while competing against athletes who have a basic understanding of the sport.

The Competitive Rep program allows athletes to excel in the sport and offers the athlete the ability to physically and mentally develop through the competitive nature of the program. The rep program allows athletes to compete with teams across Ontario and across Canada at nationals. Rep enables athletes to create physical and mental goals for themselves which also translate to their academics and life outside of sports.

Time Commitment

Depending on age group the weekly time commitment varies. The minimum time commitment is two practices a week (2 hours per practice) allowing athletes to get the avid practice needed to compete in tournaments. There is a minimum of one tournament per month taking place on a Saturday. Tournaments within the year are all in Ontario (including provincials). Some teams also choose to compete in Nationals competing with top teams across the country. Nationals can take place in any province, as it changes locations every few years. All Venom Volleyball Rep practices are within Markham, Richmond Hill and Thornhill located conveniently reducing travel time. Practices are appointed at times that are suited best for the parents of the athletes generally evening times after work. Teams will either get the 6-8 pm time slot, or 8- 10 pm. The younger age groups will get the 6 pm time slot.

What's Included

Each Rep team receives custom uniforms and gear for tournaments.

  • Uniform: 1-2 Jersey (reliant on age group)
  • Track Suit: 1 Jacket, 1 Athletic Pant, 2 Warm Up shirts
  • Entry Fee for Provincials and National Tournaments 2 to 3 practices a week
  • Entry Fee for up to 6 OVA Tournaments
  • Equipment: 1 Venom Athletic Backpack, 1 Venom Water Bottle
  • Awards banquet at the end of the season
  • All Equipment and sizing is customized to the athlete and jersey number