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Venom’s House League is aimed to improve athletes skill sets, build fundamental movement and motor skills, and introduce athletes to basic team play. Each session will be tailored to the participants age and skill level and will be split up into skill training and game play.


The Learn-to-Play program is the first step in the Venom Volleyball Club (VVC) pathway. Stressing the importance of FUN in a non-competitive environment is the ideal goal in this stage. Athletes will work on developing FUNdamental movement skills as well as spatial awareness through games and activities.

Children will focus on drills and skills related to volleyball and the four major skills: volleying, passing, hitting and serving. Children will also participate in modified volleyball games each session. Venom coaches will be using OVA approved lighter balls and lower net heights to increase early success.


The Learn-to-Train program is the second step in the VVC Pathway, with an emphasis on the technical and tactical aspects of volleyball. Children will begin with a variety of movement related games and activities focused on improving agility, balance and coordination.

Volleyball related activities and drills will follow with a focus on improving their technical abilities in the major skills of volleyball. Children will participate in a variety of volleyball games at the end of each session. Venom coaches will be using a combination of OVA approved lighter and rep level volleyballs while lowering the nets to improve success rates.


The boys advanced training program is catered to boys from grades 5 to 7. This program will run Friday nights in Markham starting in January and go until May. This program is for serious athletes that want to develop further in their volleyball skills. The program is for those that have played on their school team this year and are not beginners to the game. Each week, the athletes will focus on a specific skill and they can expect to receive a lot of touches and feedback through these sessions. There will be a minimal amount of game play as the main focus of this program is for skill development.