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Venom Vipers 13u Girls 

Siobhan F.
Chloe H.
Sierra K.
Prethika M.
Andrea N.
Sadie N.
Loukia P.
Maddie R.
Jennelle D.

Head Coach: Andrew Carassco
Assistant Coach: Babak Shiri


Venom Vipers 14u Girls 

Anna A.
Isis B.
Quinn C.
Kaelyn F.
Lauren L.
Christina M.
Rayne P.
Karolina S.
Marianna S.
Victoria T.
Angeline T.
Ivy Z.

Head Coach: Andrew Carassco
Assistant Coach: Babak Shiri


Venom Cobras 14u Girls 

Mandy C.
Brianna C.
Sophie Y.
Ashley C.
Claire C.
Surin B.
Sona L.
Keira C.
Olivia V.
Annika L.
Lana L.
Maia J.

Head Coach: Abdi Aden
Assistant Coach: Terry Lee
Assistant Coach: Jason Chen

Venom Vipers 15u Girls 

Samantha L.
Christina C.
Michelle C.
Sophia G.
Alexandra G.
Zoe D.
Maya T.
Isabella F.
Nicole K.
Kelly Z.

Head Coach: Oscar Ginjo
Assistant Coach: Chris Thompson
Assistant Coach: Lanvy Ho

Venom Cobras 15u Girls 

Alyson F.
Adrianna K.
Haley C.
Mikayla K.
Amanda C.
Anushka R.
Charlotte K.
Tammy P.
Elana A.
Cassandra T.

Head Coach: Ester Shutov
Assistant Coach: Dorin Carlasuc


Venom Vipers 17u Girls 

Sarah D. 
Crystal S. 
Rachel L. 
Andrea A. 
Vania N. 
Celia P. 
Laurie Y. 
Jodie L. 
Stephanie H. 
Christina T. 
Sasha O. 
Paige M. 

Head Coach: Abdi aden
Assistant Coach: Jessica Shum
Assistant Coach: Harman Sandhu

Venom Vipers 14u Boys 

Mitchell G.
Owen L.
James Y.
Avery C.
Owen C.
Anthony Q.
Darren C.
Stefan M.
Eleas K.
Rahim K.

Head Coach: Abdi Aden
Assistant Coach: Reggie Tan


Venom Vipers 15u Boys 

Marc M.
Ethan A.
Ali Z.
Nate M.
Roy L.
Hirad M.
Lucas H.
Jeremy L.
Alesandro S.
Vito Y. 

Head Coach: Mike Sherifovski
Assistant Coach: Steve Sherifovski


Venom Black Mambas 17u Boys 

Dylan Z.
Ben R.
Luca D.
Andrew D.
Matt E.
Calvin L.
Mohamed A.
Alex L.
Adam B.
Lazar G. 

Head Coach: Joey Jarvis
Assistant Coach: Matthew McGirr