Venom Is Growing

Exciting news!!!

Venom is proud and extremely pleased to welcome Michael Denton to Venom Volleyball Club!

Michael needs no introduction – he’s a U of T varsity volleyball coach, a four-time Canadian national volleyball champion, a two-time Canadian all-star, and a four-time provincial champion! His credentials are nearly too many to list . . . With all of his experience and knowledge of the sport, Michael is definitely a welcomed addition to the team!

We have a mission here at Venom Volleyball, and that’s to encourage a healthy interest and appreciation of the sport of volleyball to those who show interest in this great sport. Young athletes are provided with the opportunity to hone in on their skills, either on a recreational or competitive level.

And with the help and guidance of Canadian volleyball legend Michael Denton, every single one of our athletes and coaches will have a distinct benefit of learning what there really is to know about being a true athlete, and about true sportsmanship.

We’ve always been extremely serious and passionate about our love of volleyball, and passing on that adoration to the athletes and coaches who have a similar love of the sport.

That’s why we’ve brought on the best of the best in terms of athletes and coaches, and invited Michael to be part of our growing team! Because of our commitment to excellence, we’re constantly striving to build our team with the most dedicated and talented volleyball athletes in the country!

We’re growing – want to grow with us?

It’s easy. Simply get in touch with us via email at [email protected], via telephone at 905-303-8004, or by filling out our contact form.