What Can Young Athletes Get out of a Volleyball Club?

For thousands of high school volleyball athletes across the country, volleyball doesn’t end after high school graduation. Instead, there are plenty of options for these young athletes to choose from to continue playing the sport they love, including volleyball clubs.

Volleyball clubs are now a very big deal in many parts of Canada, including Ontario, and particularly, Vaughan.

Who Should Consider a Volleyball Club?
For many boys and girls, volleyball clubs offer an exciting way to improve overall skill levels and make new friends. It’s also a great way to get into tip-top physical shape, and get in touch with coaches and recruiters who can advance the career of any athlete looking to take things to the next level.

Frankly, volleyball clubs works best for those who absolutely love the sport, and wish to continue playing, whether at the recreational or competitive level. The journey from club tryouts to tournaments at the end of the season can be an exhilarating one. Young athletes who meet the various challenges head-on and learn from their experiences will often end up much better and more successful volleyball players.

Club Tryouts
Many popular volleyball clubs have only a certain number of spaces that they can fill, even though they’d love to take on as many athletes as possible. For this reason, clubs hold annual tryouts for those who wish to make the competitive team.

During these tryouts, coaches are able to evaluate prospective players and select those they believe are the best. Even if some athletes don’t make the team, the learning experience from the tryouts alone is something they can take with them for the long haul.

While tryouts can vary, the majority of clubs want to see if athletes can perform the basics, such as hitting, serving, passing, and so forth. Many elite clubs will even pay extra attention to the athletes’ height, in addition to how well they can jump and how quickly they can scramble. Good coaches will also notice the attitude of athletes, such as how well they interact with their teammates, their level of sportsmanship, their ability to brush off their mistakes and losses, and their presence on the court.

What About the Parents?
Parents of these young athletes typically find the entire experience beneficial for their children. They often notice that their kids had to learn to deal with other authority figures, which is always a good life lesson to learn. As their children grow older and continue to play club volleyball, many parents inevitably form strong bonds with the parents of fellow team members. They travel often together, and develop new friendships.

Many players may try a club temporarily to see if it’s the right fit for them. If you go in with an open mind and have a positive attitude and realistic expectations, joining a volleyball club can be a very rewarding experience.