Why the Summer is the Perfect Month to Enroll in a Volleyball Training Program

If you’ve got a young athlete in the home has been interested in trying volleyball out and joining a volleyball club, you might be wondering when the best time to enrol would be. While most assume that September is a good time to co-oincide with the school year, the truth is, the ideal time to enroll in a volleyball training program is in the summer.

To be even more precise, August seems to be the sweet spot to start a training program for the sport.


There could be dozens of young athletes trying out for a volleyball team. You want your child to stand out from the crowd and be highly competitive against all the other volleyball hopefuls out there. Whatever is done over the summer can make a huge difference in their performance come September when it comes time to try out for the school varsity team.

By having a lot of practice and time training in the summer, your young athlete will be much better prepared to try out. Not only will the skills be more fine-tuned, fitness levels will also be up to par. By the time September rolls around, they’ll be ready to take on the court.

It’s in the summer that young athletes have the chance to develop the fitness and skills needed to be successful during tryouts in the new school year. August seems to be the perfect time to start because they won’t be burnt out compared to starting in July, while they’ll have had just enough time to get ready and train.

This scheme also works for those who are looking to join a rep volleyball team. The key lies in training during a month when everyone else is just laying around and procrastinating, doing everything unrelated to volleyball training.

The intensity of the training should be relevant to the team that the young athlete is trying out for. Obviously trying out for a school team will be somewhat different than trying out for a rep team.

At Venom Volleyball, we help train our members for various types of tryouts.

Get practising today, and get in touch with a reputable club like Venom Volleyball so you’ll be prepared for tryouts! September will be here before you know it!